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What Is Inclusive Education?

The term “inclusive education” refers to all students attending the same classes and institutions. For previously disadvantaged communities, it encompasses educational opportunities. In order to guarantee that all students have access to a high-quality education, inclusive education effectively addresses their diverse needs in a manner that is accommodating, kind, polite, and motivating.  With assistance offered […]

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It is a fact that women have different needs especially during pregnancy and in the period following childbirth. Women’s and children’s development and health are interlinked. A healthy mother leads to a healthy child. What Is Maternal Nutrition? Maternal nutrition refers to the nutritional needs of women throughout pregnancy, after giving birth, and occasionally even


Myths About Food

There are several myths about food and nutrition in India. People believe in incorrect things regarding food. It is important to be wary of these food-related myths to stay healthier and safe.  Let us look at some of those myths we hear frequently.  Myth 1 : Fish and Milk Should Not Be Taken Together From

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Good Hygienic Practices

In this article, you will learn about some good oral practices to follow before to stay safe, healthy and keep others safe too. Oral Hygiene Keeping up a decent dental hygiene routine is a component of preventative care. This suggests that maintaining healthy teeth and gums might help you avoid issues such as cavities, gum

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