About Us

In a world where being poor strips away your choices and the basic necessities to survive, it becomes almost impossible to meet the needs of education, proper diet, and healthcare for the children. As workers and house helpers, the amount of workload even to maintain survival is back-breaking. Seeing the children of these strata being unable to access the bare minimum is alarming on its own as they are often left unattended and deprived of primary education, a reasonable diet, and healthcare to ensure that they are healthy, to begin with.
At Fikrah, we want to ensure that these needs are met. Therefore, our volunteers across the regions of Delhi NCR working tirelessly to facilitate our cause by teaching these children and also providing them with food by going to these areas. We also hold regular body check-up drives to detect and hence prevent health issues that may arise.
For the functioning of our NGO, we collect donations and welcome help in any way possible. The donations are made by individuals, organizations, events, drives, etc. We also encourage donations in kinds like stationery, clothes, food, toys, or anything that we often deem useless and throw away without realizing they could mean the world to one in need. It is easy to become a volunteer by simply filling up our volunteer form on our website. Help in any capacity is accepted and appreciated.
We aspire to give every child what they deserve so that they get the opportunity to break through their cycle of generational inequality.


We want to provide underprivileged children with education, food and healthcare and ensure that lack of resources do not rip them off of a future that every individual deserves.


Our vision is to foster a community that ensures equitable distribution and accessibility down to each strata and with your help,
 we can.

Our Team

Saurabh Mehta

Co - Founder

Rahul Gupta

Co - Founder

Shruti Pathak

Co - Founder

Kashish Sharma

Website Developer &
Head of communication

~Aashie chaudhary

Delhi Operations Head

Krishna Vashisth


Dev Yadav

Content Curation