Importance of Eating Healthy for Underprivileged Children

Hungry Children

Good food and a balanced diet is the basic requirement for growth and development of children. Children need good nutrition in their growing years to become strong, healthy and to inculcate a habit of eating healthy food in life.

Benefits of eating healthy 

Eating healthy has several benefits. Especially at a young age, children need proper nutrition for their growth. Let us look at the importance of balanced diet and healthy eating.

Eating healthy helps build immunity

Eating a healthy diet helps build immunity against several infectious diseases. Healthy food habits make children less susceptible to illnesses and diseases. Good nutrition makes the immune system stronger and helps the immune system fight the virus and bacteria much stronger.

Proper brain development

Eggs, yoghurt, oatmeal are some of the most nutritious foods that help in brain development for young children. Children must have a good amount of protein for their cognitive and thinking skills to develop in the brain. 

Improvement in activity levels

Providing optimum nutrition to kids also helps them to stay energized and active to carry out their daily activities. Children require energy to play or to study. Lean protein, carbohydrates rich food helps in staying active for longer periods.

Does every child get optimum nutrition in India?

According to the Global Nutrition Report 2018, approximately half of all under-five child deaths in India are caused by undernutrition. A child’s growth can be slowed due to poor nutrition during the first 1000 days of life.

As a result, this leads to cognitive impairment and decreased performance at school and at work. Malnutrition in children is the result of a complex interaction between a number of factors, including poverty, maternal health issues, illiteracy, illnesses etc among others

Fikrah and nutrition 

Fikrah, the NGO seeks to create a change by providing meals and good nutrition. Fikrah understands the importance of balanced diet and hence is seeking to build a community where everyone has access to basic needs like healthy meal and proper healthcare.

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