Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. – Malcolm X

Important of Education for the development of an individual as well as for the society and the nation. It is, according to Nelson Mandela, the most important way to change the world itself. India, being a largely poor country has a large amount of young people who cannot access even basic education.


Quality education is extremely important.for everyone, especially for people from underprivileged sections of society. Here are some reasons for education to underprivileged children :

  • Education helps make informed decisions in life
  •  It gives us the ability to navigate through hard times in life
  •  It helps develop essential skills to earn a living
  •  It helps them realize their full potential
  •  It helps them attain financial independence
  •  It helps escape from the cycle of poverty
  •  Social justice is achieved
  •  Educated people can contribute well to societal growth
  •  It fosters good communication skills
  •  It promotes gender equality
  •  Social evils can be eradicated by education and awareness
  • Creativity and imagination are increased
  • Preventable deaths are reduced by education
  • Increased awareness is generated which can lead to healthier and a wealthier community


According to World Inequality Report 2022, India is a poor country and there is a lot of inequality. About 57 percent of the national income is held by top 10 percent while the bottom 50 percent only has 13 percent of the income. After the Covid pandemic, about 75 million more people were thrown into poverty.

Families with lesser income tend to employ their children in work instead of education. The dropout rates in India have shot up since the Pandemic. In August 2021, the Education Minister reported that about 15 crore children are outside the education system. Earlier dropout rate in high school was as high as 17 percent and with Covid-19, the dropout rate has increased.

There are challenges of access to education and continuity as well. The inability to learn has also been a problem. The ASER 2018 report showed that even basic language and mathematical skills In Grade-5 students were that of a Grade-2 student. Visit us at

The lack of progressive innovations in education and better solutions over time has not solved the problems of access and learning. There is a need to tackle poverty, gender inequality as well as provide good quality education to all. This is where NGOs like Fikrah come in.


At Fikrah, our volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that the needs of deprived sections of society are met. Our volunteers provide primary education to children and seek to expand education to more and more people.

At Fikrah we are on a mission to ensure that lack of resources does not rip off people from underprivileged backgrounds of a future that they deserve. Our vision is to create and sustain a community that works for equitable distribution of resources and access, down to lowest sections of the society.