Three myths about sanitary products

There are a lot of myths about sanitary pads and other products. Since menstruation itself is seen as a taboo, it is not surprising that the products associated with menstruation, that are essential for hygiene and sanitation, are viewed negatively.

Menstruation is a completely normal biological product. One needs to maintain appropriate menstrual hygiene and avoid getting infected and contaminated due to the use of cheap alternatives to sanitary products like ash or hay.

Below are some myths about sanitary products that we have debunked.

Myth 1 : Pads Need To Be Hidden In Public 

Everyone has noticed the whispered discussions before pulling out the pad and wrapping it in newspaper without making eye contact with anybody nearby. Who has decided that a woman using a sanitary pad must perform “the walk of shame” to the restroom?

Like other products, pads are designed to make your life simpler and healthier—not to make you feel bad about a typical and natural biological process. The stigma around pads stems from the stigma around menstruation itself.

Myth 2 :  Pads Need Not Be Changed So Frequently

For the sake of infection prevention, switch sanitary pads every four to six hours. The primary guideline for maintaining vaginal cleanliness is to change sanitary pads every four to six hours. When menstrual blood is expelled from the body, it draws numerous organisms from our bodies, increasing the blood’s temperature and resulting in discomfort or rashes. You could even need to replace it more regularly if your flow is heavy. 

Myth 3 : One Size of Pads Is Enough

Your flow might change from day to day or cycle to cycle according on your age, lifestyle, food, and other variables. For various flows, you will require various pad sizes.

Use an XL or overnight pad in a larger size with a higher absorbency capacity on your first or second days, when you are having a heavy flow. You can switch to Large or Regular size pads on days with moderate to mild flow, such as your third or fourth day.