Sexual Health and Reproductive Education in India

Sexual education is an important aspect of holistic education. Having awareness about one’s reproductive and sexual needs and functions is important to live lives with awareness and sensitivity to self and to each other.

Sex education in India is still largely a taboo. Even though sex education is a part of the curriculum, it is neglected, not taught properly and ignored. The existing material in curricula is also inadequate to deal with the complexity of the issue.

State of Sex Education in India

The 440 million children in India live far from ideal lives. In a survey, conducted in 13 Indian states by the non-governmental organization Prayas and UNICEF under the direction of the Indian Ministry of Women and Youngsters Development, 12,247 children and 2324 young adults were questioned. 

The report found that shockingly, 53% of kids between the ages of 5 and 12 have experienced sexual abuse. Most frequently, parents, guardians, or other close family members were responsible for the abuse. The study also makes the alarming observation that more than half of all rape and sexual abuse incidents go unreported.

Between 42% and 52% of Indian teen students, according to a study by the All India Educational and Vocation Guidance Institute, feel that they do not know enough about sex. Over half of the young people polled in 11 Indian cities by famous news outlet India Today lacked the information essential to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS, according to the report.

Why Sex Education is Important?

Comprehensive sex education is necessary to help young people protect their health and hygienic well-being, prepare themselves for any bodily changes, and maintain such conditions. Parents need to understand that sexual education does not simply promote having sex. 

Comprehensive sexuality education has many benefits beyond simply educating students about STDs and other health issues. The importance of sexuality education cannot be overstated in the fight against child sexual abuse, sexual assault, and sexual exploitation.