Poor orphaned children in India

Children need their parents and guardians for love, care and support. Parental support is an important aspect of one’s growth and development. Parents provide the first contact of love and warmth to their children.

In India, there are several orphaned children. Many are also abandoned by their parents. Many of these live in poor conditions and are devoid of basic needs. Poverty and orphanhood come together to create more misery for the children.

Statistics on the orphaned children

The number of orphaned and abandoned children in India goes over 30 million. Out of the total population, this makes a significant proportion of the youth population. 

Less than 500,000 of the 30 million children without a legal guardian or caretaker were in institutionalised care, which is a worrying element of the problem. The surviving individuals wander the streets. They are more likely to be abused there. Many are victims of trafficking. People actually don’t pay much attention to these illnesses because they are so common.

Impact of COVID on orphanhood

COVID caused a great deal of disruption in people’s lives. Several people lost their lives and livelihoods due to COVID. The loss of life of parents led to many people dependent on single parent or lost both their parents.

Those who have lost their employment but whose parents have survived the virus are in desperate need of humanitarian aid and have to forage for sustenance. Many parents fear that putting their children in an orphanage is their only option. 

Care facilities are overcrowded as a result of the pandemic. There have been reports of parents attempting to sell their children for the purpose of survival.

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