Impact of covid on education

Around 250 million pupils in India saw the impact of the shutdown of schools at the start of the lockdown brought on by COVID-19. Below we look at some impacts of the COVID pandemic on education.


To lessen the effects of Covid-19 at first, the majority of governments chose to temporarily close the schools. Following a brief period of reopening for a few grades during which infection rates rose up, the institutions were shut down quickly again.

The pandemic presented both public and private schools with a number of difficulties, including an increase in dropouts, learning losses, and the digital divide. 

The pandemic raised concerns about the viability of private schools as well as the preparedness of the institutions, especially instructors. However, COVID-19 also served as a catalyst for the implementation of digital learning in the classroom.


Despite the fact that schools were closed, students were nevertheless able to attend lessons thanks to efforts like radio broadcasts and online classrooms. Despite the fact that it is a wonderful thing overall, many students who lacked the means to enrol in online programmes suffer greatly. The devices needed for online classes were inaccessible to many students. 

Government school pupils were particularly heavily affected, according to a status report on schools during COVID-19. More than 80% of students in government schools in Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and Uttar Pradesh did not get any educational supplies during the lockdown. The primary reason for this failure was that households lacked access to digital gadgets and e-learning resources.


More than 2 million students had dropped out due to the shutdown of schools in the national capital Delhi alone. This shows the alarming situation of dropouts induced due to COVID. There is a need for everyone to come together and help the needy in the fight against the COVID. Join Fikrah and help us help the poor and underprivileged children.