Donating and making contributions with money or in kind are ways in which we can contribute to the society and help underprivileged people gain access to resources. 

Fikrah is an NGO that works for underprivileged children and helps them realize their dreams and aspirations by providing them education, healthcare and good nutrition. For this, we depend on the donations by the people who believe in our cause and our mission. Why is donation important? Let us look at some reasons why.


Donations are a powerful way to express your concern for others as well as for yourselves; we at Fikrah believe it utmost important that issues like poverty, lack of healthcare and education are tackled collectively. While it is impossible to help everyone, everyone can atleast help someone in need! 

Here are some ways donations help:

It involves giving to those who need from those who have too much

Donations involve contributions in money or in kind. In any case, it involves giving to those who need resources that they are deprived of. Donations can make a powerful impact and help the poor and the needy.

Those who are rich tend to throw away things they think they do not need. But in doing so, they do not realize that it might be something that means a world to someone who owns none of the things rich people own! Donating used clothes, toys, gadgets among several things can go a long way.

People who also earn a good amount of money can also make a choice to contribute regularly to charities and to NGOs.

Donations help NGOs and voluntary organizations function

Welfare of all is a social responsibility. NGOs too come up to serve as a form of catalyst in the process of realization of the social responsibility. 

In this context, it is important to understand that NGOs and voluntary organizations require volunteering and regular donations from the people to function well. When we come together, we can create an impact on several lives.

Much of the everyday functioning of NGOs certainly depends on the donations (mostly monetary) made by people who believe in the causes the NGOs stand for. It is thus a powerful way to bring about change.

Donations help make the world a better place

In the current world scenario there is massive inequality. Top 10% own 77% of resources in India. The gap between rich and poor is ever-increasing. 

A lot of underprivileged people today are unable to access to basic healthcare, education or even get good healthy meals.On the other hand, those with wealth and resources have access to anything and keep getting richer. Thus donations help in making the world equitable and just.

Donating to charities, fundraisers, NGOs and voluntary organizations makes it easier for just distribution of goods and services to happen. It ensures there is a fair balance in ownership and access to resources. 

It is good for our own wellbeing

When we donate, our brain’s reward systems are activated.  People also tend to feel shame when they keep money to themselves when it can be used on others. 

Donating to charities and causes we believe in makes our happier. It has been found that people who spend money on others tend to be happier. Our brain is wired to feel happy when we donate to others.


Donations are an instrument for the people to come together and contribute to causes they believe in. We at Fikrah request you to make a donation in any capacity whatsoever. It is also possible for anyone to volunteer for our causes. It is only with the support of the people can we fulfill our mission of seeing every child happy and flourishing!