Poverty and Access to Education, Healthcare and Food

lack of food and education

People in poor and developing countries are much less likely to be able to afford basic healthcare, education and even three meals a day. The rate of poverty in developing countries tends to be much higher than that of the developed countries.

The lack of adequate income combined with social stigmatization leads to a complex disadvantage, disenfranchisement and exclusion of marginalized groups from the society. The worst sufferers among these are the women and children.

Children and Access to Education

Millions of children in India are employed in wage earning. In a study conducted by UNICEF it was found that about 30.3 percent of extreme poor children in the world live in India. These children are unable to access education and are unable to find a better future for themselves.

About 6 million children are still not enrolled in schools. In addition, when children from poor backgrounds attend schools they find themselves in substandard institutions with lack of quality education and teaching.

Children and Access to Healthcare

Serious problems develop in children with high poverty backgrounds. Chronic diseases such as asthma tend to be higher. Children play in areas that are unsafe and unhygienic and can contract diseases easily.

Stress, depression are also likely to be higher among such children. Unsafe work and living environment and exposure to harmful substances can also lead to accidental deaths among these children.

Children annd Access to Good Food

Children of poor families do not always get hygienic, good quality food. They may rarely even get enough to keep them healthy and strong. Especially at a growing and developing age, children should have access to a balanced diet which such children lack. This itself contributes to poor health situation in children.

Need to Help

It is important for us to contribute and help these children. At Fikrah, there is an understanding that all children deserve equal treatment and equal access to resources and basic needs. Join our cause and help every child get what they deserve.